MCB/LISCB Seminar Series 2022-23

Seminars will take place Wednesday at 12:30pm in the Frank and Katherine May Lecture Theatre. The series is organized by Tennie Videler and Thomas Schalch.

Wed, 21. Sep. 2022
12:30, HWB FKMLT
Molecular Immunity Unit, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, University of Cambridge
How do cells sense viral RNA? Role of ATP-dependent proofreading by MDA5
Hosted by Thomas Schalch
Wed, 12. Oct. 2022
12:30, HWB FKMLT
University College London
Genomic and metabolic processes promoting the proliferation and ageing of fission yeast cells
Hosted by Thomas Schalch
Wed, 02. Nov. 2022
15:00, GDC LT2
University of York
Hosted by Philip Ash