MCB/LISCB Research-in-Progress Seminars 2022-23

Meetings will take place Fridays at 12:30pm either online or in the Frank and Katherine May Lecture Theatre. The series is organized by Tennie Videler and Thomas Schalch.

Fri, 07. Oct. 2022
12:30, HWB FKMLT
Oksana Gonchar
Schwabe lab
Studying functions of histone deacetylase complexes
Joshua Graham
Panne lab
Structural and molecular insights into Cohesin and its release factor WAPL
Fri, 14. Oct. 2022
00:30, HWB FKMLT
Richard J. Hopkinson
Hopkinson lab
Defining the enigmatic biology of aldehydes
Fri, 04. Nov. 2022
12:30, HWB FKMLT
Carlos Bueno Alejo
Hudson lab
Fluorous effect in single molecule microscopy
Panos Patsis
Schalch lab
Dissecting the regulatory mechanisms governing the histone 3 lysine 9 methyltransferase Clr4
Fri, 11. Nov. 2022
12:30, HWB FKMLT
Robert Liddington
Moody lab
PurC as a potential target for novel therapeutics to treat multi-drug resistant tuberculosis.
Fri, 18. Nov. 2022
12:30, HWB FKMLT
Richard Cowan
Carr lab
Predicting Antibody:Target interfaces and novel protein:protein interactions with Alphafold
Beatriz Romartinez
Schwabe lab
Structural insight into the cholesterol transport and lipid metabolism
Fri, 25. Nov. 2022
12:30, HWB FKMLT
David English
Cowley lab
‘Investigating the role of HDAC1 containing corepressor complexes’
Fri, 02. Dec. 2022
12:30, HWB FKMLT
Tajith Shaik
Panne lab
Structural investigation of cohesin cycle
Siyu Wang
Schwabe lab
Investigations into the MIER1 co-repressor complex
Fri, 09. Dec. 2022
12:30, HWB FKMLT
Dominguez lab
Fri, 13. Jan. 2023
12:30, HWB FKMLT
Max Wills
Eperon lab
FluoroTensor - A Python Package for Single Molecule TIRF Analysis
Fri, 20. Jan. 2023
12:30, HWB FKMLT
Beth Thurairajah
Doveston lab
Developing a Toolbox to Study Molecular Glue Kinetics
Robert Turnbull
Schwabe lab
“Integrating structural and multi-omics approaches to study HDAC complexes”.
Fri, 27. Jan. 2023
12:30, HWB FKMLT
Charlie Hitchman
Gooptu lab
Structural characterisation of EDEM:PDI, the glycoprotein folding ERAD checkpoint
Fri, 03. Feb. 2023
12:30, HWB FKMLT
Megan Coulson
Cowley lab
Developing Proteolysis Targeting Chimeras to Individual Class-I HDAC Complexes
John Moss
Macip lab
"The Role of BMX in Cell Fate Decisions"
Fri, 10. Feb. 2023
12:30, HWB FKMLT
Louise Fairall
Schwabe lab
Interaction of the MiDAC histone deacetylase complex with chromatin
Fri, 17. Feb. 2023
12:30, HWB FKMLT
Gajanan Patil
Panne lab
Mechanistic Understanding of cohesin complex and its accessory ligands role in chromosome biology
Fri, 03. Mar. 2023
12:30, HWB FKMLT
Wiktoria Pytel
Hodgkinson lab
Chemical probes to study class I histone deacetylase complexes
Fri, 10. Mar. 2023
12:30, HWB FKMLT
Ed Brown
Schwabe lab
Probing HDAC substrate specificity with chemical tools
Fri, 17. Mar. 2023
12:30, HWB FKMLT
Liam Lewis
Hopkinson lab
“Deciphering the biochemistry of aldehydes using small molecule tools”
Fri, 24. Mar. 2023
12:30, HWB FKMLT
Khondoker Akram
Gooptu lab
What’s a cell and tissue biologist doing at LISCB?